With the successful release of Street Fighter IV in 2009 and the highly anticipated Street Fighter V coming our way soon, the Street Fighter franchise is without a doubt celebrating its second coming. This celebration, however, feels shallow without a new Street Fighter Anime TV series to ride the train of hype and success that SF4 has initiated. While Street Fighter producer, Yoshinori Ono, hinted at several occasion that a Street Fighter Anime series is very possible, we have yet to see or hear an announcement.

But before we put the blame on Capcom, let us make one thing clear: Capcom does not make anime! In fact Capcom does not make anything besides the Street Fighter Games. All the merchandising  (including movies or animes) are done by partners who buy the rights to adapt these character and worlds.

So, in an effort to help this future Capcom-partner make the right choice to bring us a Street Fighter anime tv series that can rock, I have made my outline of what the anime series should consist of:


Pilot episode: consists of the final match of the first street fighter tournament, Ryu vs Sagat a match that ends with Ryu tapping into the satsui no hado for the first time

Arc1 (10 to 20 episodes): Arc one should introduce Ryu, Ken, Gouken and Akuma and gives us a look at who Ryu is, how he came in Gouken’s custody and the history of Gouken and Akuma without getting too much into the dark hado storyline just yet. The arc should end with the death of Gouken.

Arc 2: (20 to 30 episodes): Arc 2 should be the adaptation of Street Fighter alpha 2 game. The story can be completely based on Masahiko nakahira’s Street Fighter Zero manga (Translated by Udon and available to order here). The second arc should introduce shadaloo and bison and also have Ryu and Ken meet chun-li and Charlie for the first time. The second arc should end with Ryu fighting Akuma for the first time with Ryu losing.

1st Movie: Sakura Ganbaru: A fun hour and a half anime adaptation of the great Sakura Ganbaru manga by masahiko nakahira, will be a great first SF series movie in theaters in Japan.
Arc 3: (20 to 30 episodes): Arc 3 should adapt the story of Street Fighter Alpha 3. Now that Sakura is famous due to Sakura ganbaru she can be part of the Cast. Guile also gets introduced in this arc. The story should mainly focus on the threat Shadaloo is presenting. Arc 3 should end with the death of Charlie Nash and the destruction of the psycho drive.2nd Theatrical movie: Can be anything really. A Gouken movie, where it shows how the rivalry between the 2 brothers has started. Or a Shadaloo backup story could be interesting. A filler Story focusing on Ryu and co can work too.Arc 4: Street Fighter II (40 episodes) The introduction of most of the sf2 cast should happen in this arc where Ryu and Ken travel the world to perfect their skills so they can avenge their master and also prepare for the second Street Fighter tournament where Akuma promises he will show up, and where Sagat promised he will retake his title. The arc ends with the end of the SF2 tournament and bison’s apparent demise.

3rd Movie: Story takes place during the sf2 arc. Can be a filler action packed story
Arc 5: Street Fighter IV (30 to 40 episodes): The adaptation of the sf4 and Ultra Street Fighter IVstory-line with the introduction of Seth and SIN. Arc 5 also features the return of Gouken.

Arc 6: Street Fighter III (20 episodes): Introduces the sf3 cast and the Illuminati organization. Alex joins the rest of the heroes as a regular cast.Ends with Ryu going on a training journey with Oro.

4th Movie: takes place during Arc 6, and focuses on Ryu training with Oro to finally defeat Akuma.

Arc 7: Street Fighter III 3rd strike plus iluminati vs Shadaloo war (20 episodes): Ryu thinks he is ready to finally confront Akuma. Alex is ready to defeat gill and Shadaloo is back in business and is trying to take what was theirs before illuminati showed up. Arc 7 should end with the final battle between Ryu and Akuma (An adaptation of Masahiko Nakahira’s ryu Final can work here, with some addition showing shadaloo is back in business).

Arc 7 will be the finale of the series.

Note: The series can then have an 8th Arc for Street Fighter V, if the game happens to be a sequel to Third Strike. Otherwise a SFV arc will be placed prior to the events of Street Fighter 3.



While Option 1 sounds perfect to the Street Fighter fan in me, one must admit it might not be commercially viable, as studios often like to test their product before ordering sh1t load of episodes from it. So as some people pointed out in different forums, a shorter series might be more feasible and more smart to do rather than go for the 100+ eps series (although that will kick ass for us SF fans). because of that, here is my Option 2 for Capcom:


– Introduction: could be either a movie, an ova or a 5 episodes deal introducing Ryu, Sagat, Ken, gouken and akuma. The story can focuse on the Street Fighter 1 Tournament or just start with the final match of Ryu vs Sagat and then explain the dark hado and the history of Akuma and Gouken. Gouken should die at the end.

-Series 1: Street Fighter Alpha: 12 – 15 episodes telling the story of the SF alpha days. The mini series should condense the events of SF alpha 2 and alpha 3 in one long story. Shadaloo must be introduced in this arc as well as chun-li, Charlie, Guile and the most of the alpha 2 and 3 roster. The arc should end with Charlie’s death.

– Series 2: Street Fighter II: Another 12 to 15 episodes mini series focusing on Ryu and Ken travelling the world to prepare for the Street Fighter 2 tournament which should start in the last 5 episodes of the arc. The arc ends with Shadaloo’s apparent destruction

– Series 3: Street Fighter IV: A 10 to 12 episodes mini series adapting the story of SF4 and SSF4.

– Series 4: Street Fighter 3:  Can be from a 5 to 12 episodes series or can be first an OVA that if successful can become a series. Story should focus on Ryu training with Oro as well as Alex’s story. Masahiko nakahira’s Ryu final can be adapted for this series.

In between the arcs, movies and OVA’s can be produced such as the Sakura Ganbaru movie i suggested earlier.

So as you can see, Street Fighter can be a LOOOONG running series that rivals the giants of anime series such as dragon ball z, Naruto, bleach and the likes. Option 2 also should work, since most Anime series with a short number of episodes have usually more quality and style than unnecessary long tv series. A successful running SF anime series will be an unlimited source of profit to capcom and the animating studio, since licensing partners usually pop-up to make toys, games, books, shoes or even underwear (the sky is the limit). An anime series will also introduce the Street Fighter franchise to a lot of people who were, maybe, not very familiar with the franchise and therefore will push some of the game sales. It’s a win win situation where the game helps the anime and the anime helps the game. What do you guys think? (leave a lot of comments) and which option you think is the best?
  • Marcelo

    Don’t kid ourselves.
    If we get more animated Street Fighter, it will probably be something like this.

    Maybe we get a new movie.
    (Looks at this

    Well, thinking better, I wish it only stays in games.

  • Monkey D Super

    Meh, video game based movies are almost always lame and IMO all the SF movies (animated or live-action) are no exception. I don’t believe this SF 25th celebration will be shallow without an new SF anime at all.

  • Monkey D Super

    ^Of course it can still end up shallow by yet another SF remake but still.

  • Aaron

    I like you idea and I think they should make a series that sticks true with the spirit of the game. I think the Udon comic could serve as a good beginning outline. The major variation I’d make is to get rid of the tournament format at the end and do it more like the SF4 ending animes (where the various heroes found themselves on the SIN base or a variety of reasons and contributed to its destruction, but this would be for the Shadaloo base). The storyline should also weave two separate storylines that incidentally come into contact with each other until the climax (when they merge). This is the Shotokan storyline (centered around Ryu and Ken with a quest to find Akuma and with Sakura, Dan, and Blanka looking for them). The Shadaloo storyline would focus on Guile, Chun-li, and Cammy vs Shadaloo (again Sakura, Dan, and Blanka would stumble into this storyline as well). Like in the comic Sagat would fall more into the Shoto storyline and there would be overlap with Bison wanting to learn more about the Satui no Hado (both from seeing it used on Sagat and rumors of Akuma). For the Shadaloo storyline Bison could be trying to drive world powers into higher levels of tension because it helps his organization (ie if the super powers are at each others throats they worry less about a ‘shadow organization’ and may even make use of it. He could even be trying to cause a war where he plans to grab more power in the resulting chaos. Imagine Chun-li, Guile, And Cammy trying to work together while their home nations get closer to war (and imagine C Viper working behind the scenes and trying to break personal alliances between the heroes in favor of national loyalties). After the destruction of Shadaloo it would be the grand finale with Ryu and Ken finally finding Akuma. I think it has the potential for a pretty cool anime series.

  • Sol

    That first option would be awesome. You can do so much with a long running series like that. If only…

  • David Jaffery

    Option 1 will be AMAZING. We need to let capcom know we want this.

    Guys lets all retweet to @steerfighter so they can see we mean business