Although, this may seem as a long shot, but it looks like everything is getting better in Capcom Cup 2016 world. The official Capcom Cup 2016 Bracket is finally out. Yes, everything is confirmed, and there shouldn’t be any more unexpected cancellations. Without further ado, check it below.



We had to wait for a few days extra on the official Capcom Cup 2016 Bracket as the final tournament was plagued with cancellations. First it was revealed that Misterio will be absent because of visa issues. Then Tse4444 canceled and just when everything else seemed certain, CCL announced on his Twitter profile that he won’t be participating. All of this caused an enormous mix up with Capcom Cup 2016 Bracket, but it looks like we are finished with the drama.

K-Brad endured personal drama for Capcom Cup as well. First he wasn’t in, then he stepped in for Misterio and supposed to be  paired with Daigo. After Tse4444 dropped out, K-Brad was to receive another opponent. Now, with CCL quitting, K-Brad will face with Daigo as it supposed to happen in the first place. Like reddit users said, it was ment to be.

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