Filipino Champ joined in sharing his views on SFV Season 2 and the way it affected characters in the game. He is one of the top Dhalsim players on the scene, so he decided to share his opinion on Dhalsim match ups agains other characters. Check the tweet below.

As you see from the tweet, he thinks Dhalsim will have a hard time against Balrog, Necalli, Alex and Rashid. There is a slight disadvantage against Karin, Ibuki, Urien, Claw and Bison. Dhalsim, according to the Filipino Champ has slight advantage against Zangief, Guile, Nash and Fang. Against 9 other characters, Dhalsim will be even. Do you share his views? Tell us in the comment section.

Daigo also commented on the Season 2 changes saying ” I think it’s good overall. The game balance is always challenging. Understanding the nature of it, I think Capcom balanced it pretty well. The quality of the game, which is to say the playability, has improved.”

Ricki Ortiz has a similar opinion and she says she is “entertained by the possibilities and new characters that will be included in the game”.