When Evil Ryu made his comeback in Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, he did so with a one big cosmetic change: A chest Scar!

So how did you Ryu got this deep injury? Well it seems Capcom is honoring the work of famous mangaka Masahiko Nakahira who made the Street Fighter alpha mangas as well as the famous Ryu Final. In Street Fighter III: Ryu Final Manga, the wandering warrior gets almost killed in his final battle against Akuma, where the latter punctured Ryu’s chest as seen in the image below:

This is not the first time where Capcom borrows ideas from Nakahira san’s mangas. In fact Evil ryu was a creation of Mashiko Nakahira (in the street fighter alpha manga) as well as Karin Kanzuki(who was aharacter specificaaly created for the sakura ganbaru manga) and the background for many other characters, including her personality, stagem family, buttlers, as seen in the upcoming Street Fighter V.

The SF mangas written by masahiko Nakahira are one of the best SF media ever made and surely the best Japanese SF manga. Lucky for us, Udon translated all his books and are available to order if you guys don’t own them already.

  • Wait! wait! wait!
    SSF4 is using the MANGA storyline? Come on now we all know that street fighter doesn’t use the Manga storyline. Because if it did then we would find out that Ryu and Akuma are father and son.
    Then Oni wouldn’t be Akuma but would be Gouken in demon form. The storyline is all jacked up now. Who was it that said street fighter should never follow the MANGA storyline?

  • Lol . Well the storyline has been so messed up i lost coun’t but I enjoy it either way. IF we kept track Sakura wouldn’t still be 16 years old. P.s. Another one of my clues, is that younger Ryu’s hair is red like Akuma and as he grows older it gets darker (sfII dark brown and finally black in 3rd strike)

    Other non Canon things are gouken/ akuma’s ending where gouken tells akuma about sealing ryu’s murderous intent and also goes for the strange interest on akuma turning ryu to the “dark side” who happens to inherit the “satsui no hadow” but yes I agree with the star wars cliche stuff going on.

  • Hey good stuff strugler! Thanks for keeping us in the loop and great for digging up those sweet pics, from RYU FINAL.

    Now when they release new characters Oro and Hugo then you can bring up those pics also. Oro beating Ryu down with training, and Hugo beating Ryu down with a double KO!

  • danny2times


  • Awesome find, strugler.

    Father and son! Wow… Gouken is Ryu’s uncle, then… going by the manga.

  • Joppula

    Just believe whatever you want trolls. He’s not his fucking father! Not until Capcom says he is!


    evil ryu has yet to be canon in any game he has appeared in. he’s always been a “what-if?” character. i wouldnt be too worried about the game following any manga or comic storyline. the scar is probably just an homage to that “final ryu” story.

  • @ Joppula
    They will never say one way or another. So I guess there will be people on both sides of the fence. Some will believe they are father and son. Then there will be others that say they are not.
    I didn’t want Zangief to be gay. I didn’t want poison to be a dude. Capcom always gives clues, however they always leave the real story up to you in the end. It is what you want it to be. Thanks Strugler for the goods.

  • danny2times

    The fact that ryu has satsui no harp means nothing, hibiki also has the murderous intent in him. Does.that make Dan ryu’s brother? Maybe you guys that see stuff on these sites and then search Wikipedia to sound like you know something should realize its written by users. I’m sorry buy this site is turning into a noob heaven, why no one sez ne thing about gouken being first shown by the manga after bison goes looking for ryu or how guys like greedy here literally quoting wiki just proves how trolled hadoken is now.
    How does this have ne thing to do with a nod to the manga shown here? The leaked vid shows ryu tearing his chest open not him having a scar from that non cannon manga. Maybe you guys could ask Ono for some of the V series characters? Lol or claim ryu learned the hadoken from sim? Troll noobs are all this site is now.

  • Late

    For one, considering that it was made very clear that Akuma is Ryu’s father in the movie Street Fighter Alpha Generations, I’d dare claim it canon.

    Has also been kind of hinted at here and there in just about every material where both Ryu and Akuma come across each other, including SF4.

  • Don’t hate on Nakahira. Not many doujin artists get official recognition from big companies, let alone implementing an entire original character into their product.

    Evil Ryu – Nakahira
    Dark Sakura – Marvel crossover
    Karin – Nakahira

    Who else?