Video Games go through a series of changes on the design level before getting to the final release form, Just look at the previous example that we gave on how Street Fighter V was originally stated to be a photo-realistic game before Capcom decided to add the anime inspiration. same goes for the Street Fighter V roster. Before finalizing who are the new challengers and how do they look, Artists at Capcom (mainly Bengus) came up with many iterations of the same character before agreeing on a final design. Thanks to the game’s visionary art book, we now have a look at some of the Street Fighter V Early character designs.

It seemed that at one point Yoshinori Ono and Capcom were thinking about including a soccer player as a new character. Soccer (known as a Football in  most countries) is a very popular game in Japan and the rest of the world. Unlike most of the dropped concepts the Soccer player had most of his moves thought of as seen in the concept art below:



Other abandoned character ideas included that of a shady shadowy figure as well as tough business man.


Capcom was also considering a new female grappler, who carried a strong resemblance to a forgotten Street Fighter EX character: Pullum Purna. the concept would later evolve to become Laura Matsuda:


A final abandoned concept was that a Knight looking Fighter. while the idea is intriguing, the concept itself was on the “meh” side:



Another interesting fact revealed thourgh the Street Fighter V Visionary Art Book, is how F.A.N.G’s early design was quite different than what we got. Early concept showed the character as shaolin Monk:


Speaking of changes, one of the new challengers who went a massive overhaul throughout the game design process is  on other than Necalli. Early Street Fighter V character Designs showed the character as a Sasquatch like creature that would have challenged Blanka in the title of most bizarre Street Fighter character:


Other characters had to go through visual changes as well. Birdie was first designed to be a muscular dude, similar to his Street Fighter Alpha style. Laura looked more like Sean’s sister wearing yellow, and Rashid looked a lot like a cyborg


street-fighter-v-birdie-early-look street-fighter-v-laura-early-look street-fighter-v-Rashid-early-look

with Street Fighter V planned to receive many other characters through its lifespan, there might be chances we would see some of these unused warriors. If that is the case, which one of these Early Street Fighter V character Designs would you have wanted in the game? Let us know in the comments section, and make sure to follow us on Twitter @hadokendotnet  like us on Facebook to be up to date on the latest Street Fighter News.