We are sure that you are eagerly expecting the Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers  for Nintendo Switch as we all do. The game is set to be released May 26, 2017 and Nintendo Minute’ hosts Kit Ellis and Krysta Yang alongside Phong Tran from Capcom decided to show us a bit more of the game before its official release. One of the things we get to see in the video is showcase of game’s Buddy Battle mode. Two players are competing together versus the computer controlled opponent. The interesting thing is that both players share the same life link. We also have an opportunity to check out the color editor in Ultra Street Fighter II that enables you to go crazy with the colors for your character. You can check it all in the video below.

Ultra Street Fighter II has a price of $39.99 and it looks to be Switch exclusive, at least for a while. If the game sells well, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if it gets released on other platforms. The game brings a lot to the table including introduction of Evil Ryu and Violent Ken. The amazing thing will be the opportunity to play the game on your couch or on the go, thanks to Switch’s portable nature.