Yesterday, we have found out some major news related to the Nintendo Switch exclusive, Ultra Street Fighter II. The box for the game’s physical edition leaked in the Japan, and from the box (and the trailer, as it was revealed later) it was obvious that the game will feature a first person mode called “Unleash! Ha”DO”ken” that will utilize Joy-Con controllers. Today, a confirmation about the mode came, when Street Fighter V’s Assistant Producer Tomoaki Ayano decided to demonstrate the mode for Capcom TV. You can watch it in the video below if you jump to the 2:58:00 mark.

It looks like “Unleash! Ha”DO”ken” will be a mini game, where the player will have to fight waves of enemies, using moves like Hadoken, Shoryuken, and Tatsu makis, that will be performed with hand gestures. The motion of your hand holding the Joy-Con controllers will basically transfer to the game. We have to say this is an interesting new addition from Capcom, but that one that doe snot look very responsive as of now.

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