If you didn’t quite follow the CPT this year, then Capcom Cup Players Analysis  is just the thing you need. We have found  post from reddit user overgme, who gave some interesting insight in the clashes we will be able to see on Capcom Cup. We will bring you some of the most interesting ones, but you can check the full Capcom Cup Players Analysis  on reddit if you click here. Enjoy!

Infiltration vs. Humanbomb – Infiltration is obviously going to be a heavy favorite in this one. The question is, does he stick with Nash throughout the tournament, or does he dip into his roster of alts. I wouldn’t be surprised if he starts out with an alt in the first round or two. I also wouldn’t be surprised if he sticks with Nash unless and until someone blows that character up for a round or two. I think we’re all curious to learn whether he’s been sandbagging the past few months, or if the competition has just caught up to him. I’m not sure anyone, including Infiltration, really knows the answer to that right now.

Humanbomb is good enough to take 3 of 5 over Infiltration, but it’s not likely to happen very often. If he plays out of his mind and catches his opponents off guard, I could see him making it two or three rounds deep. But anything beyond that will probably require the run of his life.

Luffy vs. Mago – I think this is one of the hardest first round matches to call. I’m leaning ever so slightly toward Luffy just based upon Mika’s extreme explosiveness, but absolutely no result would surprise me.

Luffy has had a pretty quiet year, and I think he gets under-rated by some because he’s European. But I would never discount a former Evo champ. And Mika is a character who can blow anybody up in the right hands. I don’t think Luffy has looked strong enough this year to win the whole thing, but I wouldn’t be at all shocked if he made it to Top 4. Then again, I wouldn’t be shocked if he went 0-2.

Mago has enough talent to beat anybody, and not have it be a surprise. He also has enough talent to steamroll an entire tournament if he’s on. The question is, were the results of the Asian finals (which he won) just a one-time spike in his performance, or is it his turn to dominate? Mago is just one of those guys who you’re not surprised to see go out within a few rounds, and you’re not surprised to see him win the whole thing.

Justin Wong vs. Sako – Another very intriguing first round match-up. Until he won a very tough Asian ranking event, many rightfully wondered if Justin would do more than feast on weaker NA and LA competition. But he pulled off some pretty big wins the second half of the year. He’s one of those guys who could go a long way if he gets some favorable match-ups, but I don’t think he’s proven he can handle quite as many killers as will be at this tournament. And the CPT finals have never been his strong suit, so I don’t think anyone would be shocked if he flamed out early.

Sako really came on strong toward the end of the year. But he’s yet another one of those players who seems capable of beating any one individual, but probably not strong enough to take an entire tournament like this. Still, he’s one of those players who can knock off a favorite, and everyone who draws him will have to be nervous.

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