Street Fighter V Beta 2 is under way and we have the opportunity to check out the new CFN, the Season 2 balance changes, but also to test Ed, the new Street Fighter V DLC character. Now, if you were lazy and didn’t enroll in Beta, you may want to check out what is Ed made off. This is why we brought you a video made by VesperArcade showing Street Fighter V Ed combos. Take a look below.

If this isn’t enough, and you would like to see more of Ed, her is a longer gameplay video below.

Unfortunately if you didn’t participate in Beta 2, you will have no more chance to do so, since Beta closes today 6PM PT. For players in Europe, the Beta 2 will officially be over at 1am GMT Monday, May 15.

In other Street Fighter V related news, you can now get all the Street Fighter V Battle Costumes for the initial 16 characters for a knocked off price. Battle costume bundle is now available for a price of $29.99 and includes Hot Ryu. If you still don’t want to collect them all, you can opt to purchase them separately for$2.99 each.

So, what do you think about Street Fighter V Ed? Is he fun to play? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.