Street Fighter V Season V characters

Did you recover from the craziness of Capcom Cup? Well, although it’s over and we are sad, life moves on and so does the Capcom. As you probably know, Capcom allowed visitors on Playstation Experience 2016 to get a taste of Street Fighter V Season 2 and see how it should look. We know for certain that Akuma will be first DLC character in Street Fighter Season 2 but what else is new?

Well Long Phi Nguyen was playing the game on Playstation Experience and managed to compile some notes about possible changes. Those changes include overall game mechanic changes like added recovery frames off of command throws and regular throw, V trigger bars changed from 3 to 2 for some characters and lots of more. He put them all in one document that is available on his Twitter profile. You have his tweet below, including the link.

You have to note that these changes are not full and official and that Capcom is still to announce the full list of Street Fighter V Season 2 changes. Until then, this will be provide a good insight in what they could look like.

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