If you didn’t manage to catch Capcom Cup live or via streams, then this Capcom Cup 2016 Post Trailer is perfect. You will be able to see some of the most interesting photos and moments from the tournament, and get a glimpse of the atmosphere. Check out the Capcom Cup 2016 Post Trailer below.

For all of you who didn’t tune into the Capcom Cup hype, we have to say you have missed a great deal of entertainment. It was somewhat crazy tournament, with some of the favorites like Infiltration, Daigo, Tokido and Justin Wong leaving the tournament earlier than expected. It just showed how Street Fighter V is one awesome and exciting game for tournament play.

In an all American finale, it was Ricki Ortiz against NuckleDU. Ricki Ortiz previously kicked out Haitani while NuckleDu did the same to MOV. It was 2-1 for NuckleDu, with Ricki Ortiz having a chance to get back to the game. They went head to head, dealing damage, until NuckleDu made a few extraordinary moves and finished the job. As a Capcom Cup Winner for 2016 NuckleDu doesn’t only get bragging rights but a check for $120K plus extra money from DLC sales which should be about additional $110K.

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