Street Fighter V servers went up and we all get to enjoy in the new update containing Abigail alongside new costumes and stages. But there are some things Capcom did that went under the radar. Most notably, CFN site was updated and full frame data for Street Fighter V has been added. Also, everyone can now have a better insight into the online statistics including win rates and overall ranking information among others. In order to access the data, you’ll need to login with PlayStation or Steam ID. Through Shadaloo C.R.I (Combat Research Institute) you’ll be able to check out your current league status, ranking, player level, the opponents you’ve fought against recently, and info on fighters you’re interested in. Now using the infos and frame data for Street Fighter V, you’ll be able to study the game even more detailed.

As we said in the intro, besides Abigail the update for SFV brings new costumes and stages. When it comes to costumes, players will be able to get Street Fighter V nostalgic costumes (for Alex, Ibuki and Juri) and Capcom Pro tour costumes among others. There are some more stages if you got bored with old ones. The first one is Ryu’s Suzaku Castle, while the other one is Capcom Pro Tour Stage.