Remember when Sega was a leader in the fighting game industry? Me neither, but apparently, that was a thing once upon a time. Virtua Fighter as their flagship title, Sega ran their horse right alongside the likes of Capcom, Namco and the company that was, at the time, known as Midway, now Netherrealm Studios. Since then, Sega has somewhat…Fallen from grace since those days, going the way of companies like Microsoft, which is to say, picking one title (Sonic and Halo for each company respectively) and dragging their name and images through the mud with several titles that range from mediocre to amazing. Amazing based on just how awful they managed to be, anyway. What? Do I sound bitter?

Salt and rage at childhood betrayals aside, Sega has created a business plan called “The Road to 2020” which is, you guessed it, their plan leading up to the year 2020, this plan includes the revival of “Major IP’s” this doesn’t explicitly mean fighting games, but there are arguably few titles that are more major than Virtua Fighter, and with some other fighting games still persisting in selling poorly, now is as good a time as ever for Sega to try and get in on a little bit of money in one of the least saturated markets in gaming. Least saturated speaking relatively, anyhow.

Given how Sony is speaking about creating “Global Hits” and releasing games globally there seems like there could be a high chance that Virtua Fighter will be addressed, especially given how long fans have been begging for the return of the highly technical fighter. Even if Virtua Fighter doesn’t make it’s return, we can look on the bright side, and realize that more games made by Sega, probably means fewer Sonic games to sit through for the rest of us, and that’s something I feel like we can all get behind.

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