If you grew up watching Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z like me, then the collaboration between Arc System Works and Bandai Namco Entertainment that resulted in Dragon Ball FighterZ must keep you on your toes. While making the game, developers have decided to pitch in handful of references to the original manga and anime into it. Checking and comparing manga, anime and game by yourself would take us tons of time. Luckily YouTube user IKevinX decided to do all that hard work and present us with all the manga and anime references in Dragon Ball FighterZ known so far. Below you can check the references for Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Frieza, Mr. Perfect Cell and Majin Bu. Enjoy!





Mr. Perfect Cell

Majin Bu

Although there wasn’t a lot of news about the game in the recent times, we have been able to see an in game screenshot of Future Trunks that surfaced online recently. In case you’ve missed, check it out below.

Looks cool right? We hope you liked the these manga and anime references in Dragon Ball FighterZ videos. Stay tuned for more Dragon Ball FighterZ news and if you have some interesting takes regarding the game, don’t be shy to share them with us.