On EVO 2017 those lucky enough could check out Arika’s new fighting game (still remains unnamed). Others were still waiting on the direct footage until recently. Recently, Arika’s YouTube channel has uploaded 51 minutes long video, showing the direct gameplay footage of the game. Also, Maximilian Dood has uploaded 16 minutes of footage belonging to Arika’s new fighting game. Check out both videos below.

In case you are unfamiliar with the background story, Arika is the video game developer from Japan formed by some former Capcom employees. They are recognized for their Street Fighter EX series that was first featured on arcades and later shifted to PlayStation. Street Fighter EX 3 published in 2000 for PS2 was the latest game released in the series. Out of nowhere Arika has released a video featuring Street Fighter EX characters on April 1st. The video contained footage from what looked to be a new game. Sources were saying that This Arika’s new fighting game “currently lacks funding or a publisher. ARIKA is contemplating going forward with crowdfunding or not.” Still, there are hopes we could see the game being published somewhere along the line. What do you think? Does this looks like a game you would like to play? Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us on FGCnow.com