If you’re a fan of fighting games, you’re likely a fan of NetherRealm Studios whether you realize it or not. The company is at the helm of two incredibly popular series, Injustice (with upcoming Injustice 2) and Mortal Kombat (with upcoming DLC content).


To get a glimpse into the studio to see progress or direction, one of the best options is the twitter account of Ed Boon, its creative director. For those that take part in this, however, you will be subject to many polls, a lot of hope, and some potential too good to be true’s. The good news here is that Boon has set a precedent for following up on the feedback of his polls, bringing Blue Beetle to the game after he was voted for in one of Boon’s very own twitter votes.

This time, Boon brings further hype, and potential for a huge new character for Injustice 2 in the form of DC popularized alien character Starfire. This news comes from Boon’s most recent vote, found below:

While this alone doesn’t necessarily look too promising, being tagged as “just for fun”, in combination with the previous polls leading to results, the room for conjecture and hype is certainly there for the alien hero.

So what about Mortal Kombat X?

Boon’s twitter as well has featured many different jokes pointed at those waiting on new DLC content for Mortal Kombat X, and given plenty of different posts and polls for the road to it. Many news outlets have speculated even back during EVO at Kombat Pack 3, the next set release of DLC. While it remains unconfirmed and unrevealed, news for the DLC should definitely be watched out for by fans, as its likely on the way soon, and potentially very soon.

While Boon seems to love the confusion he can provide in 140 characters or less, it remains one of the best places to get a potential glance into the inner workings of NetherRealm, and the progress of these series as new content is in development.

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