Happy New Year! Whether you spent the holidays wave-dashing, armor-breaking or busting out that all-important shadow-counter, we at Hadoken.net hope you had a great one.

Now, back to the not so serious business of fighting games. Here’s some of the highlight that you may have missed while you were finishing off that eggnog.

1. KoF ’94 Re-Bout announced for PS3

The next PS2 classic fighter to make it onto PlayStation 3 will be the hugely successful King of Fighters ’94 Re-Bout. Back in the day, this was only played in the West as a Japanese import so, at long last, gamers Worldwide will get the chance to enjoy this tuned edition of ’94.

2. The Lucky Chloe Hoax was a Hoax of a Hoax

That make sense? No? Before the New Year, Katsuhiro Harada announced a unique new Character for Tekken 7 – Lucky Chloe. The bubbly boxer-cosplayer was heavily criticized by fighter-fans for being a little too out-there (in TEKKEN, might I add). At which point, Harada doubled back and said he’d replace the fluffy fighter with someone with more muscles and grit in the North American version and that Lucky Chloe would be wiped.

Now, in a new twist, Tekken’s producer has vowed that Lucky Chloe will infact be in both versions and that he was merely baiting the media. Do you think Chloe is Tekken-worthy. Let us know in the comments section below.


3. Namco Fighter Mashup announced to hit PS3 on Jan 16th

A Bandai-Namco bundle, combining Tekken 6, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Soul Calibur V has been giving a launch date of Jan 16th at a bumper value price.

4. Killer Instinct’s Omen Detailed

Following that rather brief Omen teaser (if you can consider a leg a teaser), more has now been revealed about Killer Instinct’s upcoming new character. Iron Galaxy have now revealed damage-dealing orbs, a command throw kill-move and meter-lockout capabilities. Pay to win? Only time will tell…

5. And Finally…Here’s a Preview Shot of Kung Lao in the Upcoming Mortal Kombat X

Not much else to say about this set, but here he is, back from the dead! Looking good so far!