If you haven’t realized, Ed Boon (Co-Creator of Mortal Kombat, and Creative Director at Nethrrealm Studios, the games developer) thoroughly enjoys getting Mortal Kombat’s fans input on the legendary game series. As well Boon enjoys ruffling the feathers of these fans in terms of content moving forward for the games. Recently, Boon did so once again, this time in the form of a poll of his followers asking two very simple questions. “Which DLC fighter could use a buff the most in MKXL” (Or MKX’s version that includes it’s DLC releases thus far.), and “Which original cast fighter could use a buff in MKXL?” Boon is no stranger to these types of polls, previously polling his followers on what types of DLC characters they would like the most, what they would like to see the most in Injustice 2, as well as who they miss the most in these games.

This trend is a great thing to see for fans, showing directly how studios and creative executives can truly care for their customers opinions. Whether the results of these polls are directly implemented to changes remains to be seen, but it leaves plenty of room for potential balance updates in the (near)future.

Potential Balance Changes

For the two newest polls, characters Subzero and Tremor received the majority of votes encouraging positive balancing changes. This could potentially lead to gameplay updates helping out both of these fan favorite characters, or at the least, likely guarantees Netherrealm Studio’s looking into these as potential balance updates.


Not only is this great news for fans of Subzero and Tremor in MKXL, and for developers listening and implementing the voices of their audiences, but with this poll coming during the EVO 2016 weekend, really shows how important game balance and competition are for these developers within the fighting game community.

Whether Boon is posting these with serious intention to implement or just to continue ruffling feathers remains to be seen, but likely the results of these polls influence Neatherrealm’s changes in the future. Something many developers could certainly take note of, and borrow for themselves.


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