We wrote many times about Mortal Kombat X and it’s problems on PC. Now, the long awaited Mortal Kombat X PC Patch is out, and the reactions are overwhelming. It looks like the NetherRealm really pulled it together and finally made Mortal Kombat X a playable PC game.

Here are the major gameplay fixes that 28GB patch brings:

  • Many move list corrections
  • Increased energy cost to start running to 25 (up from 15)
  • Increased energy cost to cancel into a dash (where applicable) to 25 (up from 15)
  • Getting hit while running will now drain 50 energy
  • The increased hurt regions when you perform an air attack now activate one frame before the hit region activates
  • Kounter message added when a hit lands as a counterattack or punish
  • Delayed Wakeup will no longer activate if the block button is pressed or held while holding down
  • You are no longer able use specific timing to avoid recovery frames on some jump attacks which used weapons
  • Reduced the victim blockstun along with the attacker block recovery on many moves (keeping the same +|- on block advantage)
  • WBID unlocks no longer have additional requirements

You can see the detailed list of fixes and features of the patch here.

Although the Mortal Kombat X PC Patch was only released yesterday, the players are loving it and the Steam comment section is full of supporting comments. We will have to wait a few days to get the full impression, but so far it looks good.

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