Mortal Kombat X (and XL obviously) have received a massive patch last night. Besides adding The Pit Stage, couple stage Fatalities and fully revamped Online mode, we did not know what else the patch did to the core gameplay, until now. In fact, WB Games released an extensive list of changes that took place with the latest patch, Before we get to those, I would like to let our readers know that we are working on a review of Mortal Kombat XL and should have it up in the next couple days.

General Gameplay fixes

  • New rollback based enhanced online multiplayer is now active
  • Reduced chipdamage from most normals
  • Reduced metergain from having most normals blocked
  • Round timer now operates in real time seconds
  • Neutral jumping attacks are more negative on block on the way up
  • After a breaker or block breaker stamina is removed from both players
  • Stamina now starts to refill 2 secs after a breaker (down from 2.5 secs) at a 50% faster rate
  • Lowered the trade priority of most jumping attacks and increased hurt regions after their startup frames
  • Reduced the meter gain on most multi-hitting strings and some multi-hitting special moves
  • Grab background interactions now function as true command grabs which can combo from a hit
  • Most projectile background interactions can now have their trajectory lowered by holding Down which can make them harder to low profile
  • Adjusted the background collision at the ends of some arenas which would cancel out some profiles sooner than desired
  • Added  2 more recovery frames after a blocked or missed attack while jumping backwards
  • Adjusted the throw immunity of most special moves
  • Increased combo damage scaling after a throw tech
  • Combos do not end after a meter burned throw at the end of a match
  • Some hit sparks are now red when the move connects during an opponent’s recovery frames
  • Fixed some incorrect framedata in the movelist
  • Adjusted many combos which were inconsistent if the player and opponent were not both chest to screen or chest away from screen
  • Added 3 more frames to the throw tech window
  • A teched throw at the beginning of a match will no longer grant first hit bonus

For the character specific changes that cam with the latest  go to the official WBgames Patch Page.

Mortal Kombat XL and Kombat Pack 2 were released on March 1st on the PS4 and XboxOne. Make sure to follow us on Twitter @hadokendotnet  like us on Facebook to be up to date on the latest Mortal Kombat News.