The reveal for a new Killer Instinct character came sooner than we thought. Although we though we will continue to get teased until KI World Cup, today Shin Hisako was officially revealed as a new addition to the Killer Instinct roster. The announcement was made via official Twitter profile with a teaser trailer and caption The bonds tying her to the graveyard where her corporeal form was buried have been severed… . You can check it below.

The character will be available later in March, but there will be a full gameplay video available on KI World Cup. Adam Heart, Killer Instinct developer, made a comment about the character saying “All I can tell you about Shinsako is that she is much more straightforward to play than Hisako, but still has some interesting wrinkles.” The thing is, some of the fans didn’t receive Shin Hisako warmly, because they are having a feeling that in fact there are no new characters, but just the recycled and updated ones. This is why Heart promised that “the next KI character after Kilgore and Shin “Chiharu” Hisako will not be a remix. 100% new”. We don’t have much complains, do you? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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