If you are eager to see Killer Instinct Eagle, the game’s new character, in the action some more, Killer Instinct YouTube channel has you covered. After the full trailer for the character was revealed a week ago, two additional videos showing Eagle in fight were uploaded recently. We get to see Eagle fighting against Shin Hisako and Fulgore and it reveals some interesting things about the character’s gameplay. When Iron Galaxy designer Adam Heart said Eagle plays a bit like Green Arrow, he wasn’t lying. Eagle has 12 arrows at his disposal that are not expendable. You see, every time that the character walks over the arrow he shot before, it comes back into his inventory. Videos also show Eagle’s specials. We won’t bother you anymore with the specifics, since it is best for you to check it by yourselves in the videos below.

Killer Instinct Eagle isn’t only news related to the game, since the character comes alongside 3.8 patch that will bring some balance changes. In case you wanted to play Killer Instinct on your PC, but couldn’t access Windows Store, there are some happy news. Killer Instinct will be officially available on Steam later this year, with the exact date still left to be revealed.