It was rather quiet this past couple of weeks regarding the Killer Instinct. Today, however, we received some juicy new updates. Killer Instinct Ultimates Ultra Pack will be out on May 2nd and today we have a chance to check out how Sadira’s ultimate will look. It is really something special, and it isn’t just as. The Killer Instinct players also think her ultimate looks rather special.

Also, new Ultimate will be shown at noon each Monday from now until the pack comes out. Killer Instinct Ultimates Ultra Pack will contain ultimates for Fulgore, Sadira, Aria, Riptor, and Kilgore. You can check Sadira’s ultimate below.

Few weeks ago, we also got a glimpse into Fulgore’s ultimate as well. In case you have missed it, here is the video below.

The Killer Instinct 3.7 Patch was also released recently, promising to fix minor bugs, bring balance changes and 4 story missions. In case you want new characters, that was covered as well. After much expectations, Shin Hisako joined the Killer Instinct roster on March 21st. While the ultimates are free, you will have to pay for Shin Hisako. The character can be purchased for $4.99.

Are you excited for Killer Instinct Ultimates Ultra Pack? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.