Waiting is officially over. As of today, you can get the Killer Instinct Ultimates Ultra Pack from Xbox Store. This latest ultimates pack contains finishers for Aria, Kilgore, Fulgore, Riptor, and Sadira. Just like the previous ones, there are completely free. All you need to do is download them. Here is the official confirmation tweet below.

According to the first reactions, the players are loving the new finishers, Kilgore’s being the most praised one. This Killer Instinct Ultimates Ultra Pack comes after the Ultimates Master Pack that contained the finishers for Jago, Thunder, TJ Combo, Tusk, and Maya. In case you forgot to get it, the previous pack is still available on Xbox store, for free of course.

Since there were 15 ultimates announced in February, the chances are we will get to see only one more pack. This final pack of finishers called Ultimates Monster pack and the details about it should be revealed later this summer. We still hope that there will be more than 15 ultimates, but until we know for sure that is what it is.

What do you think about Killer Instinct Ultimates Ultra Pack? Was it worth the wait and are you excited to get it? Share your thoughts with us here on FGCnow