Killer Instinct is a game that has a long history with things like Humiliations, and No Mercy’s, and despite this fact, the 2013 release of the game found itself without anything of the sort, the closest it came was the inclusion of Ultra Combos, which actually served more as a safe way to close out a match, than a “Humiliation” sort of deal. While the player does have the option to lengthen the Ultra Combo with the use of their Instinct Gauge, that hardly sent the message that you want it to, and was also reliant on you holding onto your Instinct for the sole purpose of wailing on your opponents lifeless, yet still standing, carcass. This isn’t practical, especially given how powerful Instinct is in the game, allowing things like improved frame data for some characters.

Iron Galaxy seems ready to amend the lack of options to style on ones opponents with, by bringing out Ultimates, something that, up until this point, was exclusive to one character, Shadow Jago. These Ultimates are more dramatic finishes to a fight, trigger in game cutscenes as the characters do something that is unique to them, such as Jago throwing something like an Endokuken Spirit Bomb in his.

This Ultimate was shown some time ago, and Iron Galaxy must have gotten the sense that it was time to tease us with a little more footage, as they have released new footage for TJ Combo, Maya and Tusk, displaying their Ultimates to the public, and giving us all something new to salivate over. I’ll put the videos below.

Pretty exciting right? The Ultimates will come to fifteen characters, not counting Shadow Jago, and will be free for all players. The Ultimates will be available to use on February 14th.

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