May the 2nd is getting near, and Killer Instinct Ultimates Ultra Pack with finishers for Kilgore, Aria, Riptor, Sadira, and Fulgore will soon be out. Only two more weeks to go. Like all previous ultimates, this pack will come completely free. Now, in order to avoid overwhelming us, the guys behind Killer Instinct decided to reveal ultimates one by one, each week until the pack is released. This week it was time for us to check out Killer Instinct Riptor Ultimate video. You can check it below.

The thoughts about this ultimate are a bit polarizing. The animations were particularly praised, but some players think that the ultimate isn’t “badass” enough. What do you think about Killer Instinct Riptor Ultimate? Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us.

Besides Riptor’s ultimate, we had the opportunity to see the ones from Sadira, Kilgore and Fulgore. The one that is missing is Aria’s Ultimate. We will get the chance to see it next week.

Also, Killer Instinct Gold Skin Pack 4 became available on Xbox store. The pack contains skins for Spinal, Kan Ra, & Hisako and it will set you back for $4.99. If you like gold, that shouldn’t be too much.