As most of you know, Killer Instinct 3.8 Patch will be out on June 27th and should bring plenty of balance update, changes and tweaks. One of the biggest changes is “fixing an issue preventing several characters from cancelling normals into specials from too far away, which was most noticeable when hitting the outstretched limbs of opponents. These cancels will still not be possible from these ranges when striking armor.” All characters will receive some kind of update except Sadira, Orchid, Spinal, Riptor, Omen and Cinder. Check out Killer Instinct 3.8 Patch Notes below.

If these video patch notes are not something you are accustomed with, you can check them out in text version if you follow this link. With this patch, the newest addition to the characters roster of the game, Eagle, will become available. It is expected for Eagle to cost $4.99. Also footage of ultimate for Aganos also surfaced. Check it out below.

These are not the only news about Killer Instinct. Although the game was available for PC for a long time now, you could only get the game via Windows Store, which meant you had to upgrade to Window 10, which was an issue to the users still fond of Windows 7. Later this year the game will finally become available for purchase on Steam.