Tomorrow will be a great day for all KI players. Killer Instinct Patch 3.8 and newest addition to the characters roster Eagle are set to be released. Post on Ultra Combo reveals that the  patch and Eagle should arrive roughly around 9 am PDT. Eagle will cost $4.99 and that will include his Retro costume, but not the Premium Accessories. The latter will be available for purchase with KI Gold in-game.

Plenty of other things were covered in the post. You can read it in detail on the provided link, but below are the most important updates.

  • Eagle launches tomorrow ~9 am PDT
  • Eagle will cost $4.99 – includes Retro
  • KI:DE & Season 3 Ultra owners will get Eagle free – but may not work immediately
  • Purchasing Eagle when $4.99 is listed will result in you being charged, no matter if you own the DE/ S3 Ultra or not
  • To offset the issue, Eagle will be the free, rotating character this week
  • Shin Hisako and Kilgore will be free for DE owners (not S3 Ultra) later when the Steam version launches (as originally intended)

When it comes to Killer Instinct Patch 3.8, the patch notes were released few days ago. One of the most important change they bring is “fixing an issue preventing several characters from cancelling normals into specials from too far away, which was most noticeable when hitting the outstretched limbs of opponents. These cancels will still not be possible from these ranges when striking armor.” You can check the video with patch notes below.