Is it me, or was it a bit quiet on the Killer Instinct front for these past weeks? But, we did get an ideal silence breaker. Killer Instinct Gold Skin Pack 4 became available on Xbox store. The pack contains skins for Spinal, Kan Ra, & Hisako and you will have to part ways with $4.99 in order to own them. If you are wondering how these skins look in-game, you can check them out in the video below.

Unfortunately, this is the only Killer Instinct Gold Skin Pack we are getting this month according to ultra-combo. The next pack is expected to be released in May. But, thanks to Stanford Green we were able to check some of unreleased skins. You can check them in the video below.

It was also announced that we will get a new Killer Instinct Ultimates pack next month. Ultimates Pack will contain ultimates for Fulgore, Sadira, Aria, Riptor, and Kilgore and is expected on May the 2nd. Of course, this pack and all other ones will be completely free. Before that Killer Instinct 3.7 Patch was also released, fixing some issues and bringing 4 new story missions.

Fir the end, share your thoughts about Killer Instinct Gold Skin Pack 4 with us and tell us do you think it’s worth the price?