On January 3rd Killer Instinct officially made the character named Kilgore available to the players. The same day, KI Community Fund was introduced and was announced that 50% of all funds collected from Kilgore sales will go to the fund. Today, update was posted on Ultra Combo about KI Community Fund revealing that more than $50,000 was collected. Read the parts of the update below.

We’re happy to say that we have surpassed the $50,000 mark for the 2017 KI Community Fund. That’s $50,000 set to go towards both online and offline events next year. We’re currently in the process of winding down the current tournament season, with $30,000 on the line at the KI World Cup March 10th-12th. This fund will not affect this year’s World Cup Pot, but will rather help fund future events. More details on those events soon.

Kilgore & the 2017 KI Community Fund will be available until March 6th. On that date, we will turn off the ability to purchase Kilgore and the ability to support the Comunity Fund will be closed. Kilgore will be back for individual purchase later this year priced at $5.

If you want to help KI Community Fund growth and also be partially responsible for more Killer Instinct events, buy Kilgore. You will help but also have tons of fun with the new character.