As of today you can finally get Kilgore, the much anticipated new character in Killer Instinct. You can get him for $10 on both PC and Xbox One. We already had the chance to see him in action since it was available for players to fight against him. Now, the tables can turn.

If you want to know more about Kilgore, here is some backstory below.

Before Fulgore and the Mark 03 units were introduced to the world, Ultratech created a line of failed cyborgs during the secret CCIX Program. These hulking battle machines bore twin overpowered chain guns that tended to overheat, making them unstable and unfit for service. But one cyborg—nicknamed Kilgore—became self-aware, and started rewriting his own software to account for this deficiency in his hardware. Saved from the scrapheap, this special unit has been brought out of retirement by ARIA to enforce her will…and Kilgore obeys.

Killer Instinct players had much to look forward over these couple of weeks. There was a new costume for Thunder, as part of the Killer Instinct’s version 3.6 update. This free costume is designed working closely with the Nez Perce tribe, so the Thunder would have an authentic outfit. The Killer Instinct makers just felt like they didn’t get Thunder right first time. They have decided to make up for that mistake and for the first time offered a third costume for a Killer Instinct character. The costume was designed collaborating closely with Nez Perce tribe, so they could get it right this time. The costume is available for free to all players who purchased the character.

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