Off the heels of announcing it’s Definitive edition, which made waves amongst fans and perspective players all around (some even in the negative), Killer Instinct brings back (to life) an old friend. The developers wasted no time continuing to release even more new content. This time, the popular console fighter Killer Instinct announces it’s 8th DLC character for Season 3, Eyedol.

Eyedol’s release rounds out Season 3’s new DLC character additions, he brings a towering and powerful presence to the list. Eyedol was the original Killer Instinct’s Final Boss, pictured below.

8th DLC character Killer Instinct

He rocked the original Killer Instinct with a strong style of play focusing on beating you down with his spiked club. Hard. He’s come back, no less scary, no less strong, and extremely well designed. As well, pictured below. Meet the new Eyedol, who just so happens to be just…a little undead.

8th DLC Character Killer Instinct

He’s still just as towering, just as powerful, and just as threatening. The gargantuan creature returns with his trademark club, and now sports a ripped head instead of two. Eyedol still has his horns, just shattered.

For Ultra or Supreme edition players, you will have access to Eyedol July 22nd. For those with Combo Breaker bundles, you will be able to access the monstrosity the 29th.

For the story, Eyedol is a Shadow Lord zombie, whose head is sliced in two in a battle against Gargos. After some time, Kan-Ra resurrects Eyedol to attempt to fight back against Gargos. Eyedol doesn’t stay with this plan long, setting out on his own. Eyedol aims to achieve the revenge he deserves, on his own terms. Few will be able to stand in his way, if any, as he looks to avenge himself against his killer.

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