Yesterday we posted an article detailing a bit about the top 8 and it’s qualifiers for Killer Instinct at the New York stop of the Killer Instinct World Cup qualifier season of 2017, and those 8 battled for supremacy just after.

Top 8

The results were some incredibly active and explosive gameplay for a very underappreciated fighting game in the competitive fighting game community. More importantly, these results were also as follows:

  • 1st Place: UA|Bass (on Spinal)
  • 2nd Place: ShinTristan (on both Tusk and Thunder)
  • 3rd Place: Circa|Nicky (on Fulgore)
  • 4th Place: Mutiny Grief (on ArbiterAriaJago, and Sadira)
  • (tied)5th Place: PIE Daffy (on Glacius)
  • (tied)5th Place: PAG|PinkDiamond (on Maya)
  • (tied) 7th Place: Cupcake NS (on Sabrewulf)
  • (tied) 7th Place: TBNDaymein (on JagoSadira, and Shadow)

Top 8

This was a huge event for the game, and showcased some of its top North American centric talent. An interesting aspect in fairly unique levels to Killer Instinct’s scene showed itself in force at Defend the North, and that is the concept of counter-picking, and bringing to the table a large multitude of characters to work out matchups. We even saw Grief go from Aria and Jago in one set, to Arbiter and Sadira in another, all in the very same Top 8!

The game has a deep cast of characters at competitive potential, as shown by the sheer diversity of the character composition making up the Top 8 of the tournament. Game balance is in a great state, as is the competitive scene, as it closes out yet another major event jam-packed with action, as we watched Ultra Arcade’s Bass defeat second place finisher ShinTristan twice in this top 8, with an impressive overall score of 6-1 between the two.

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