Shin Hisako has been officially revealed as the new addition to Killer Instinct on March the 2nd. After a lot of teases and hints, the character was introduced with a small teaser trailer. You can check it in details here. We should expect the full gameplay trailer on KI World Cup, but today we got to see Shin Hisako’s Colors. They were posted by Rukari on Ultra Combo with a further details about the character:

If you’re unaware of exactly who Shin Hisako is, allow us to enlighten you. Shin Hisako is the newest, remixed character coming to Killer Instinct later this month. She will be available for $4.99, and like Kilgore she will feature one accessory set (albeit in different colors), and 9 different colors from which to choose.

You could see the first color on the beginning of the article, and below are the rest of the colors. Enjoy!

After Kilgore and Shin Hisako, the next character addition for Killer Instinct should be a brand new one and not recycled like now. That is of course according to Killer Instinct producers. So what do you think about Shin Hisako’s Colors and the character itself? Share your thoughts with us on