The previously announced panel offered that at the July 22nd San Diego Comic-Con, two new Injustice 2 characters would be revealed. Tonight, that promise was followed through on and in a very big way, with the release of the somewhat expected Wonder Woman, and the crowd favorite/poll winning/completely out of left field debut of Blue Beetle! This was a huge surprise for all, and very welcome on the long road to the games release.

Two New Injustice 2 Characters

Ed Boon had posted earlier in the year asking what hero the fans would like to see in Injustice 2, one of the many twitter polls Boon lobs at his audience. This poll came back with a strong victory for Blue Beetle, taking a good majority of votes. If there was any concern for these polls not mattering, or our feedback as gamers not being taken seriously, it was put to rest with this huge announcement.

The pair debuted alongside a new trailer involving both, seen here:

In the trailer, Wonder Woman displays new takes on many of her moves from the series original Injustice like the lasso pull into grabbing the opponent for a quick bit of trash talk, but as well many new techniques and a source of power assistance from the Greek Gods themselves.

For Blue Beetle, the character looks to possess some very hard hitting aggressive strikes alongside a good range, and remains agile overall. Blue Beetle’s many sharp objects look quite the menace for the Injustice 2 battlefield, and today’s announcements of these two new Injustice 2 characters impressed and interested many different types of fans. We can only hope the roster’s announcements continue to do so.

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