Just as they did couple of days ago, guys from GameSpot once again packed Injustice 2 character breakdowns and move sets from NetherRealm’s Watchtower stream. This time, the focus was on Joker, Black Adam and Brainiac. You can check each of the Injustice 2 character breakdowns below.


Black Adam


In case you can’t wait for the game to be released in three days, you can always turn to Injustice 2 mobile game. Yesterday, the version for Android finally hit the market and now you can play it both on Android and iOS. If you hurry up and grab it right now, there are some neat bonuses expecting you.

As the game’s release date nears, there are more and more leaks available. It looks like copies of the game started circulating before they should have and we are grateful for that. The one of the major leaks were images of premier skins for 6 characters Cheetah, Green Lantern, Captain Cold, Super Girl and two skins for The Flash. In case you’ve missed this news, you can check how the skins look if you click on this link.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these Injustice 2 character breakdowns and that you eagerly expect the game like we do.