The waiting is finally over. NetherRealm Studios finally met us with a new Injustice 2 character. The character in question is Swamp Thing. Of course, we still didn’t forget that they have tricked us last week, by delaying the reveal, but we are not so bitter anymore. Who could be, when we got a stunning Swamp Thing gameplay reveal trailer. We have to say that Swamp Thing looks awesome and fierce. If we are to judge by the trailer, he could be one of meanest characters in Injustice 2. Without further ado, look at the trailer below.

The Swamp Thing is a pretty popular DC character, so it isn’t surprising that he got a chance to be featured in the game. He will surely be favorite character by all environmentalists since he fights for the environment, his swamp house and to protect all humans.

In other Injustice 2 related news, Injustice 2 beta has received an update. The update also brings a new playable character, Black Canary. The 4th wave of beta code shipments is also underway, so don’t worry. There is still hope for that magical code to enable you access to the world of Injustice 2.

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