Since the news about new Injustice 2 gear system came out, there are voices of concerns from players that fear this could lead to unbalanced game. Well, NetherRealm isn’t EA, and it listens to what game fans have to say. In an exclusive interview with Eurogamer, Brian Goodman, Marketing Manager at NetherRealm Studios addressed these concerns and promised balanced game for both competitive players and casual fans.

“We anticipated what some of the hesitation might be from players and are developing intelligently to deliver something which will hopefully appeal to all of our fans, whether you’re a hardcore fighting game enthusiast or a more casual fan. There’s been a lot of discussion on how best to communicate this because we are, obviously, throwing a bit of a monkey wrench in the works as far as some fighting game purists might find. We’re doing things to make sure people who want a pure fighting game can get that.”

The major concern of Injustice players is that Injustice 2 gear system will affect the stats in great manner. NetherRealm decided to challenge this problem introducing different modes.

“We’re creating modes where it’s an even playing field and you can gear up for aesthetic reasons but your character stats are on an even plane. We also have modes where gear actually impacts your strength, which is a whole new level of strategy.”

Other concerns were aimed towards possible pay-to-win system that would enable players to buy gear for real money, and make their player stronger. This is featured in many games on the market, but it looks like Injustice 2 won’t be one of them.

“We haven’t made any announcements about that, but I can say that’s not part of our plan right now!” – said Goodman and gave fans some comfort.

It will be interesting to see how will the Injustice 2 gear system affect the game itself. Until then, you can see the new trailer for Injustice 2 below.

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