Unfortunately, there is still no news about Injustice 2 definitive release date. We know we told you it will come out in March 2017 and we still believe it, but we need that final confirmation. NetherReal Studio, however, is giving their best to keep everyone on the tip of their toes. Today, we were treated with some more Injustice 2 latest updates.First things first, CW’s Flash series lead star Grant Gustin will provide the voice of Flash in Injustice 2. But wait, it gets better.
According to Game’N Guide “Injustice 2 is rumored to offer a new twist in the gameplay via loot system. DC characters will start playing with their native powers and abilities but can also acquire others’ if they win in battle, especially special armors.” Doesn’t this sound awesome? We got chills just reading about this. Lets continue with Injustice 2 latest updates.

Dave Aubrey from WCCF Tech revealed something about the environmental changes we talked about in one of the earlier articles. “Now the background has chairs, punching bags and more which you can often grab in order to use them against your opponent. Throw a chair, slam a pillar into them, blow them up with something – and what’s lovely is that characters will interact with the objects in a way which suits their unique personality. Of course, Superman will be able to use his brute solar powered strength, while Batman uses his smarts and equipment to get the upper hand.” He also stated that the game itself will be a visual paradise. His conclusion of the hands-on preview was that “Injustice 2 is just bigger and better.” We couldn’t expect anything less.

If you forgot how Injustice two will look when it hits the market, here is a quick reminder.

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