Ed Boon is a really great guy, we have to admit. He always finds a way to tease our imagination with his tweets. Now, he has hinted that Watchmen characters will be a part of Injustice 2 characters roster. He set up a pool on Twitter asking fans would they want to see Watchmen characters among Injustice 2 characters while looking pretty serious about it. Look at the tweet below and vote if you want this to happen.

There are few things we know about Injustice 2 like that there will be an Injustice 2 mobile game. “There’s definitely going to be an Injustice 2 mobile app as well,” Boon said during IGN’s Comic-Con livestream.PC version of Injustice 2 should be expected as well, since Ed Boon labeled it as “pretty likely.”

Also, although it was believed that the game will be out by March 2017, that’s not the case. The latest reports suggest that the game will be available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Dec. 31 next year. The game can be preordered at this moment for a price of $59.99.

Also, Ed Boon went out on his Twitter profile answering fan’s question “Any new characters for Injustice 2?” Ed Boon replied: “Nothing we can announce now. But yes, LOTS of new characters!” So Watchmen characters are highly possible.

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