The clock is ticking. Injustice 2 will be officially released tomorrow and players all over the world will spend sleepless nights. Before the game gets out, we got a chance to see one more Injustice 2 official gameplay trailer. The trailer shows a bit of everything. We get to see a bit of story mode, some interesting match-ups and few character transformations through the game’s gear system. Check out the trailer below.

If you don’t intend to play the game on consoles or PC, and like smartphone games, then why don’t try Injustice 2 mobile game. It was released a couple of days back for both iOS and Android. If you jump on the opportunity and download it soon, you’ll get the Catwoman as a bonus character. Or, you can just get every version and get overdosed on Injustice.

Now, although the game will be released tomorrow, the leaked content started circling around while back. We even had the opportunity to check out the premier skins for The Flash, Supergirl, Cheetah, Captain Cold and Green Lantern. We have to say that they look awesome and are well worth the money.

Finally, if you want to get all the info about the game on one place, check out the video below and enjoy.