Injustice 2 Announcement

There are some hot news about Injustice 2 pouring in. Although there have been many speculations and no confirmation about Injustice 2 release date, the game’s date might have been revealed by accident.

Xbox made a 15,000 reward points offer to members who would pre – order digitally three games from a set list before 31 March, 2017.Among the offered games  there are Injustice 2, for which it states a 28 March launch date and Mass Effect: Andromeda, with a 31 March release. You can check the photo below.

It may be nothing, but it may be also a significant thing. We will have to wait a bit to find it out.

In other news, a new Injustice 2 gameplay video, featuring Supergirl was released. In this short video, we are able to see Supergirl’s attacks, combos, special moves and more. It looks like Supergirl is a well rounded character that brings something new to the Injustice universe. We are sure she will be a hit among players. Her Asteroid Shower super move is something you’ll find very pleasing.

Some new characters are also coming. Ed Boon went out on his Twitter profile answering fan’s question “Any new characters for Injustice 2?” Ed Boon replied: “Nothing we can announce now. But yes, LOTS of new characters!” There are some rumors that Watchmen characters are highly possible alongside Spawn.

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