It’s not Sinestro, and it’ll never be Shazam, but I’ll take it. The Cheetah, Catwoman and Poison Ivy have been revealed to be in Injustice 2, a trailer full of jumping, whipping, flipping and…Plants, has been released for our viewing pleasure.

“Teaser Trailer” is the correct word to use here, given that the trailer is less than two minutes long, but gives us just enough to look at to get us interested. Netherrealm has proven that they’ll waste no time trying to depower or deskill the characters in the game for any reason, and this trailer proves that, as the women show exactly how they get the job done, and it’s pretty brutal, motorcycle explosions, carnivorous plants, Screaming someone into the ground…Yeah, don’t expect to see any Frank Miller ex Machina for “certain” characters in this game anytime soon.

This trailer also excited the comic book fan in me, and I’m sure, in many people, thanks to it’s inclusion of characters that are not typically considered A listers, such as Cheetah and Poison Ivy (Come on, we all know she’s high B list. When’s the last time you saw her in a DC Cinematic Universe film?) Putting the spotlight on characters not as well known, but still quite powerful for a change is something that Injustice 1 did well, and it would appear that Injustice 2 seeks to one up it’s predecessor in that regard.

What is even more interesting about these characters is how they’ll fit in the storyline of the game. All except for Catwoman were absent in the first game, and while we can look into their initial allegiances, but it’ll be quite the experience to see how they act and interact with others throughout the game, as well as being good for people who don’t typically follow those characters to see some new personalities when not diluted by certain writers.

Are you interested in these new characters, let me know in the comments and for more on Injustice 2, stick with us at FGCNow.

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