Everyone likes discount prices, so we decided to tell you about the opportunity to get Injustice 2 for just $39.99. On Amazon, the version for PS4 and Xbox One is now available with a 33% discount off its original price of $59.99. This will enable you to save $20, which isn’t small by any means. Noted that these are physical editions of the game, and contain just the game without any DLC. PC version still goes by its original price as well as the digital copies of PS4 and Xbox One versions. If you are thinking of getting the game, and prepare for the upcoming tournaments, the moment couldn’t be better. Here is the trailer for Injustice 2 to get you psyched.

In other Injustice 2 related news, the July update has been released recently. The update brings various bug fixes and changes that should improve both offline and online stability. For example from now on, forward and backward dashes require a more precise input when buffered. You’ll also get less experience bonuses when playing against weaker opponents. Finally, the newest addition to game’s characters roster, Sub – Zero, will make its entry on July 11th.

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