It seems like everyone is starting to realize that now is as good a time as any to get into the competitive fighting game community, as more and more teams and brands begin to pick up high level players to represent them on the big stage. With the fall of YOMI and GutToughGaming, a few of those high level players found themselves without a brand in front of their name, something that wouldn’t last too long, as Method, an organization better known for it’s World of Warcraft involvement than anything else, as well as having some involvement in the Overwatch competitive scene in the past, has picked up these ex-Yomi and GTG players.

With the signing of Sylverrye, Method has shown that it’s trying to get a serious foothold in the world of Netherrealm Studios, as Sylverrye has shown is his specialization. He has a pretty impressive track record in competitive Mortal Kombat XL using his Liu Kang to his full potential and using said potential to crack top eight placings at tournaments such as North East Championships XVII, Winter Brawl XI, and Kombat Kup Season 1. This isn’t even an exhaustive list of the players accomplishments, which tells you a lot about just how skilled he is.

REO, the Mad Scientist, is another pick up made by Method. Now this guy actually has too long of a list of accomplishments to go into in any real detail, but he’s been around awhile and has the credientials that prove his experience with the most notable being the fact that he has three Evo top eights for NRS games. Obviously this says something about his skill level, and even more, says something about Method’s dedication to getting immediate results in NRS titles.

Next is Mikeand1ke12, one of the best Laura’s in North America, with placings at Red Bull Proving Grounds (3rd) and 25th at Combo Breaker.

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