Do you remember Infiltration, 2016 EVO champion and the guy who was regarded as one of the best Street Fighter V players in last year? Following his early exit from the Capcom Cup 2016, Infiltration took a step back from the spotlight and even said that he wasn’t ready to attend CPT events in this season following the cancellation of his appearance at NCR 2017. The balance changes that Season 2 brought to his main character Nash made him look for other characters and that took a lot off his game. We were worried he may ditch Street Fighter V in general, but luckily we were wrong. Infiltration emerged at Battle Arena Melbourne 9 and although he didn’t make it in the top 8, he proved that he still shouldn’t be written off.

CPT Interview Series used this as a chance to discuss some of the burning questions that revolved around him, including his switch to Karin, what he thinks about the new addition to Street Fighter V character roster Ed, game’s mechanics,  while also discussing some more personal things like his upcoming wedding. If you want to find more about this, we warmly recommend you to check out the interview below provided by Capcom Fighters.